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Peli-Hardigg Versand Koffer Large

Peli-Hardigg Ruggedized Shipping Cases Large

Transport and protect big equipment in the Hardigg Large, X-Large, or XX-Large Ruggedized Shipping Cases. These cases are lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat, and chemical-resistant, which make them extremely tough and offer ultimate protection that will move your equipment from point A to point B without a scratch.

  • hardigg-al1616-large-shipping-case-1
    AL1616 Large Shipping Case EUR 615,77incl. 19% VAT (EUR 517,45 w/o VAT / EU B2B, Export)
    SKU: 303410
    Warehouse status:
    Hardigg AL1616-0505-RP-032
  • hardigg-al2013-large-shipping-case-1
    AL2013 Large Shipping Case EUR 626,48incl. 19% VAT (EUR 526,45 w/o VAT / EU B2B, Export)
    SKU: 303411
    Warehouse status:
    Hardigg AL2013-0903-RP-032
  • hardigg-al2624-large-shipping-case-1
    AL2624 Large Shipping Case EUR 1.001,92incl. 19% VAT (EUR 841,95 w/o VAT / EU B2B, Export)
    SKU: 303412
    Warehouse status:
    Hardigg AL2624-1805-RP-032
  • hardigg-al3018-large-shipping-case-1
    AL3018 Large Shipping Case EUR 920,41incl. 19% VAT (EUR 773,45 w/o VAT / EU B2B, Export)
    SKU: 303413
    Warehouse status:
    Hardigg AL3018-1505-RP-032

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