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About Peli-Hardigg Cases

Hardigg Cases designs, develops, and manufactures plastic molded cases, shipping containers, custom molded products, and SKID-MATE® cushion products for government, commercial industries, and consumers. Millions of Hardigg containers have been produced to meet a wide variety of applications—including stringent military requirements—for over 50 years. Their high quality rotational- and injection-molded products cushion and preserve delicate equipment from the effects of mechanical shock and vibration, thermal environments—even exposure to chemical agents and decontamination solutions. For more information visit www.hardigg.com

Roto Moulding Technology is a versatile manufacturing process that produces highly durable ruggedized shipping cases. Several moulds are placed on a machine at the same time, plastic resin is loaded into each of the moulds which are then heated and slowly rotated on both the vertical and horizontal axis.

Design Advantages - Roto Moulding results in seamless parts with more material in the corners and edges for additional impact protection. Since the material is not stressed during production the finished part is stronger.

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